Antiques collector, art appreciator, nature lover and hedgehog mother! In my day job I am a full time photographer in the cultural heritage sector, mainly working on digitising rare books.

Like many creatives I have way too many hobbies, and just when I think I've had enough something new comes along - as you'll notice in my portfolio. I am so passionate about learning new skills and exploring different creative mediums - why limit yourself?  Of course, there's a bunch of hobbies that my website doesn't show, like my love for playing the harpsichord, my indulgence in writing, my passion for cooking, and my occasional dabbles in traditional fine art (abstract landscape painting), but I'll spare you all for now!

My main area of expertise is fine art photography, and 2018 marks a proud 10 year anniversary of creating with this wonderful medium, 

I'm a true Sagittarius in many ways, but especially in my apparent need for the 'constant flow' of travel. Born in Ukraine, lived a large portion of life in Sydney, Australia, and now at last finding peace and my true home in Edinburgh, Scotland. When there's such symbiosis with a place you live in, any longer than three days away is genuine heartbreak. I believe in the magnetic pull of life, whether it be to people, places or objects.

So thank you for finding me, and I hope you enjoy exploring my website. Have a peek at my blog if you want to read about my latest endeavours, or take a look around my portfolio.



Excerpt from a documentary filmed by Magnus Huntly-Grant (currently unreleased), 2015